Do you own property in the Hudson Valley? Are you about to buy or build a house here?

Do you want to save on energybuild sustainable, or make your land productive?

I can help you put that inspiration into action with: 


Power Positive Buildings

Why shouldn't your house charge your car?

Homes in the US consume 75-90% more energy than than they need to. By pairing Passive House principles with renewable energy, its possible to have buildings produce more energy than they use, making them not just "Net Zero", but Power Positive

Example: Modern Saltbox 

Available consulting services:

  • Renewable energy strategies
  • Efficiency upgrades to buildings
  • New building energy strategies

Productive Land Use

How much of your food bill is actually fuel bill?

Conventional agriculture has shown itself to be destructive in the long run. Properly designed and managed, the same animal and plant systems can build soil fertility and eliminate the need for expensive petrochemical based inputs. Local food from CSA's and market gardens is a beautiful way to decouple food from fuel.

Example: Homestead 33 

Available design services:

  • Forest gardens
  • Edible landscapes 
  • Kitchen gardens
  • Ponds and dams

Permaculture Site Design

Ok, so... where do you put the garden?

Managing property can feel overwhelming. With a comprehensive site design, you can harness all of natures power to create food, energy, and beauty, all around you while minimizing the management overhead.

Example: Homestead 33 

Available consulting services:

  • Permaculture land assessment
  • Permaculture site design
  • Development planning