With a serious modern-rustic slant, this 100+ year old barn is booked year around by escapees from NYC.



We replaced a rotting african mahogany with a deck made from black locust. This is the material used for all of those 50+ year old split rail fences in the area. We chose this material because, left untreated, it weathers to match the silver of the barn, and because of the open design, off the ground, it is likely to last 50 years or more. The deck also includes a 3 season outdoor shower with an arbor for fruiting and flowering vines

For our kitchen and bath remodel we used all reclaimed materials, and invested in a high end refrigerator we could clad with wood, so it all looks like it all might have been there since the barn was first built.

Due to the barn hosting groups up to 8, and being regularly unoccupied during the week, we opted for a 95% efficient, on-demand, tankless hot water heater. This way everyone can take a nice long outdoor shower, even when its a little chilly out! 

In addition we did gobs of window and door weatherization, because, well, it's a 100 year old barn after all.



Location – Tivoli, NY
Square Feet – 1400
Budget – $62,000
Heat Source – 75,000 BTU Wood Stove
Backup Heat – propane space heaters
Hot Water – On demand tankless propane
Electricity – Grid tied, green energy provider


Me - design and general contracting
Bruna De Araujo - styling and marketing
Gary Personette - carpentry
Mark Bennet - woodworking
Terry O'Keafe - woodworking
Jake Oas - woodworking
Jake Exline - carpentry